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Robert W. Chambers was a highly successful American author of the mid-1890s to 1930s, who is most famous today as the writer of the classic late-Victorian gothic horror/mystery/war/romance/sci-fi/fantasy/weird fiction short-story collection The King In Yellow (his second work), which largely introduced and codified what is now known as the Yellow Mythos.

The Last Review: The King in Yellow @125 celebrates the 125th anniversary of the publication of his book.

Appearances in Atlantean publications[]


The King In Yellow anthology[]

  • The Prophets' Paradise – a reprint of one of the original, out-of-copyright pieces from The King In Yellow.


Awen 75[]

  • The first two lines of the poem Alchemistry are taken from his story The Mask.

As a character[]

Yellow Leaves 05[]