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Silurians (or whatever they're called)

The "Silurians" are a pre-human race of humanoid, sentient reptilians found on Earth – which they ruled in aeons past – in the Doctor Who universe.

They have appeared in Epochal Revenge, where they attempted to launch a devastating assault upon their 'usurpers', humanity, from a base in the Amazon rainforest – but had reckoned without running into Sarah-Jane Smith and K9...

Timescooped Silurians also appear in The Game.


Their assigned name, implying a connection with the Silurian Period of Earth's ancestral history, is (in)famously a misnomer, since that would date them to before the evolution of reptiles. 'Eocenes' seems the most popular alternative, as suggested elsewhere within the Doctor Who TV series itself – yet the apparent antiquity of the species, judging by different references throughout Who continuity, appears unlikely to conform with that dating either... At least one novel claims (of uncertain canonicity) that they can breed with Draconians, implying that they may share an extraterrestrial origin with that race. In the absence of a firm resolution, the original name seems to have stuck for good.