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Atlantean Publishing has had three official — and one unofficial — symbols down the years.

Monomyth Cross example 1996-2009
For these years, the press was symbolised by the Monomyth Cross; initially the logo of just Monomyth, it was also often used in relation to other projects. Although it has varied slightly down the years (most notably with the fifteenth anniversary title) it remains the emblem of Monomyth.
MM02 Unofficial
Monomyth was also represented, on many of its early covers, by the Monomyth Monolith: a semi-accidental recurring theme that became a familiar motif for the 'zine.
Atlantean phoenix 2009-2012
With the creation of the Office Live website in 2009, the Atlantean Phoenix was adopted as the online emblem of the press (a variant having originally been used to illustrate the first Grail anthology), although this 'logo' version did not see use in print.
Atlantean logo 2012—
With the press having celebrated fifteen years of publication, 2012 saw the adoption of a new symbol: the Atlantean 'A'. The use of such an 'A' had long been on the drawing board but other concerns had kept it from being used; however, this old notion of editor DJ Tyrer's had a happy meeting with a brand new design by David Leverton, which led to its appearance at last.



In addition, the Grail Series, naturally, has used variations on the theme of a Grail cup as its emblem: as seen in this advert (for volume 3), right, and its cover designs.