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This was a series of articles in Monomyth, starting in the seventh issue and running until the nineteenth issue (albeit skipping the first Yearbook, which contained Some Useless Facts instead), in three themed series, along with an additional (spoof) entry in the second Yearbook. In each of the series, the four Founding Editors each provided their ten entries for the specific theme. The feature also lent its name to the aborted Ten of the Best... anthology.

Ten of the Best... Monsters[]

Monomyth 07 by DJ Tyrer[]

Monomyth 08 by Ian O'Reilly[]

Monomyth 09 by Richard Burman[]

Monomyth 10 by Simon Birch[]

Ten of the Best... Authors[]

Monomyth 12 by DJ Tyrer[]

Monomyth 13 by Richard Burman[]

Monomyth 14 by Ian O'Reilly[]

Monomyth 15 by Simon Birch[]

Ten of the Best... Films[]

Monomyth 16 by Richard Burman[]

Monomyth 17 by DJ Tyrer[]

Monomyth 18 by Ian O'Reilly[]

Monomyth 19 by Simon Birch[]

Ten of the Best... Reasons To Visit[]

This was a one-off spoof in the second Yearbook (Monomyth 22) by DJ Tyrer.