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Writers' and artists' guidelines

For those interested in submitting your short fiction, poetry, artwork or non-fiction for possible inclusion in Atlantean publications, please read the guidelines for contributors and see our FAQs.

Details of current calls for submissions can also be found here for specific planned projects.

If you want any more details or help, please feel free to contact us at the addresses below:

Contacting Atlantean

Write to: 4 Pierrot Steps, 71 Kursaal Way, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2UY, United Kingdom

Email:   Facebook:

For a sample of our 'zines Awen, Bard or Garbaj just send a stamped self-addressed envelope (SSAE) to the postal address above (envelope+$2 for overseas).
For a list of current prices of Monomyth, The Supplement, booklets and anthologies, please email us or send a SSAE (envelope+$2 overseas).

Why not join the Atlantean Publishing Facebook group for live discussion, news and updates?

An Atlantean Publishing blog, by editor DJ Tyrer, is at

We would like to invite all those who have contributed to Atlantean Publishing or read its publications to join in with the wiki. As new pages are continually being added, we hope to eventually build an interlinked, complete and ongoing history of the press — listing its activities, its contributors and the content they have created over the years. Please do not post submissions on the wiki — please submit them via mail or email at the addresses above. To maintain accuracy and uniformity of style, we would ask that you please read the Contributions to the Wiki page before adding/editing. Thanks!

Please remember that any art, poetry and prose extracts on this site are copyrighted by their creators and not to be used without permission, except for relevant fair usage such as reviews.
Atlantean Publishing is a well established British small press run by editor, writer and poet DJ Tyrer. Specialising in poetry and short fiction, and maintaining a determined no-frills ethos since 1996, it puts out several simple print 'zines and a variety of other publications (see left) at cost price, as well as an occasional mini online 'zine. Equally a home for many small-press stalwarts and dozens of new writers, you can find a growing amount of details about its content, contributors, latest and forthcoming releases and available in print products on this site. The wiki is slowly collating information on everything produced in Atlantean's history: the aim is for a complete record of what was published, by which authors, in which publications, and when. See our website for details on ordering from the press.

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