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The Bards is an irregular series of short poetry 'broadsides', a folded A4 sheet in format, inspired by Bard. It differs from its parent title in that each issue is dedicated to the work of a single author — they are intended to be handed out at poetry readings or for readers to purchase as affordable samplers of a poet's work. It is edited by DJ Tyrer.

"Why not try a handful? You could find something compellingly fine and be hooked" — review in Krax

Spin-off series

This title has, in turn, now inspired descendants of its own in a similar style, only themed: Xmas Bards and Yellow Leaves are two recently-established series that use the same format, while Xothic Sathlattae is a brand new addition publishing Cthulhu Mythos-related poetry.

Covers gallery

The cover designs for all the issues of The Bards can be seen together at The Bards Covers Gallery, where they can be clicked-through to their individual issues.


Note: Due to changes in how they are printed, some early copies have recently been reformatted, but this has made no tangible difference to the content except for the updating of address and website details.

Issue no. Author Title Cover artist
The Bards 1 AC Evans Psychic Citadel AC Evans
The Bards 2 Geoff Stevens Life in 21st Century Britain Geoff Stevens
The Bards 3 Christopher Brewer AC Evans
The Bards 4 Eric Ferris False Prophets? Eric Ferris
The Bards 5 Aeronwy Dafies The Ragwort Riders DJ Tyrer
The Bards 6 Steve Sneyd AC Evans
The Bards 7 DJ Tyrer War On Terror DJ Tyrer
The Bards 8 Eddie Harriman A Tale Or Two Eddie Harriman
The Bards 9 Jan Oskar Hansen Eddie Harriman
The Bards 10 DS Davidson These Fortean Times... AC Evans
The Bards 11 Paul Murphy AC Evans
The Bards 12 Les Merton DJ Tyrer
The Bards 13 Dave Wright Rough Guide To Genesis AC Evans
The Bards 14 John Francis Haines Overdrawn at the Memory Bank AC Evans
The Bards 15 Cardinal Cox Tir Na nOgham AC Evans
The Bards 16 Bryn Fortey Outlook: Bleak AC Evans
The Bards 17 Paul Cutting AC Evans
The Bards 18 Deborah Tyler-Bennett Deborah Tyler-Bennett
The Bards 19 Michael Dundrow Tracy Patrick
The Bards 20 E. Jodi Woodward Time Zones Graham Earnshaw
The Bards 21 Sally Richards Edwin Page
The Bards 22 Steve Mann Ian Brown
The Bards 23 David Norris-Kay/

Dave Austin

Ian Brown
The Bards 24 Ed Blundell One Man and His Doggerel DJ Tyrer
The Bards 25 Neil Leadbeater Amazing World Neil Leadbeater
The Bards 26 DS Davidson Love and Hate... AC Evans
The Bards 27 Frances Sackett Monica Goddard
The Bards 28 Zack Samuel AC Evans
The Bards 29 DJ Tyrer What You See Is What You Are AC Evans
The Bards 30 Christine Despardes The Tristan Cycle Christine Despardes
The Bards 31 JB Dawson If Only David Leverton
The Bards 32 Neal Wilgus Neal Wilgus
The Bards 33 Aeronwy Dafies Dead Rose Aeronwy Dafies
The Bards 34 John O'Malley DJ Tyrer
The Bards 35 Jane Stuart David Leverton
The Bards 36 Frederick J. Mayer Frederick J. Mayer
The Bards 37 Ian Clarke AC Evans
The Bards 38 Bryn Fortey Borrowed Lines AC Evans
The Bards 39 Margaret Saine Margaret Saine
The Bards 40 Neal Wilgus The Phoneiad DJ Tyrer
The Bards 41 DJ Tyrer Deadly Eye David Leverton
The Bards 42 K.A. Opperman Fungal Grotesques, Sporous Perversions: Mushroom Poetry Mutartis Boswell
The Bards 43 Ashley Dioses Beneath Her Spell: She-Devils of Renown Ac Evans
The Bards 44 David Norris-Kay/

Dave Austin

AC Evans

Review of The Bards 1, 2 & 3

"THE BARDS is a series of A4 folded sheets each presenting a selection of poems by one poet. No. 1 has 8 poems by AC Evans. These describe the present as already nearly the future — at least, that's how it seems to me but perhaps that's because I live in Berwick-upon-Tweed where the present may still be the past, or maybe vice versa. The images in these poems are sharp, the language is urgent and in places uncomfortable: the author's world is not a cosy one — it is too much like the real one. This pamphlet is worth more than the ten pence plus SAE asked for it. No. 2 contains 9 poems by Geoff Stevens. Enigmatic and ironic, sometimes angry, they illuminate life from the side and throw bits of it into unfamiliar relief. This is another selection that is well worth the money — never mind the length, luxuriate in the quality! No. 3 has a beautiful cover by AC Evans and the 9 poems are from Christopher Brewer. The language of these is more straightforward than in the other two collections, the beauty of it is different to theirs and there is rhyme, an aspect of poetry now often derided, but when skilful and not forced, it makes the poems sing in a way that blank or free verse never can.
If you buy all three of these, it would cost you 30 pence (and only one stamp) and not only would you have an introduction to or reminder of three accomplished poets, but a miniature celebration of the diversity of contemporary poetry."

— by John Light

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