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The Bards 29

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The twenty-ninth issue of The Bards, What You See Is What You Are by DJ Tyrer, was published in January 2012 with cover art supplied by AC Evans. This is DJ Tyrer's second entry in the series (the first was his anti-war collection in issue 7) and presents a broad sample of his poetry in different styles, lengths and genres, some previously published.


  • The Garden of Gehenna
  • The Lady in her Lair
  • The 'W's
  • The Legend of Owain Glyndwr
  • The Girl Nobody Knew
  • Classroom
  • BBC?
  • Doom Comes
  • What You See Is What You Are
  • Route of Advance
  • Zero-Grazing


  • With this issue DJ Tyrer became only the second poet in The Bards' 29-issue history to contribute a second volume to the series — the first was fellow Atlantean Publishing stalwart DS Davidson.


"What great poems"Dave Austin (letter to The Supplement)

"Best poem, for me, is The Girl Nobody Knows. Very relevant in the Facebook-vacuous web of isolation the current crop of adolescent loners (by culture-necessity, not choice) find themselves trapped in"Dave Wright (letter to The Supplement)

Although not so enamoured of the collection as of Yellow Leaves 1, Neil K Henderson did say: "Enjoyed The Garden of Gehenna, though." (letter to The Supplement)

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