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The forty-first issue of The Bards, Deadly Eye by DJ Tyrer, was released in late April 2017. The cover art is by David Leverton.


  • Deadly Eye
  • Beloved
  • Gorgon Death
  • Statuary
  • New Birth
  • Horrors
  • Hidden Horror
  • The Lady in Her Lair
  • Deadly Gaze

Giveout Sheet[]

A single-sided give-out sheet based on The Bards 41 exists as part of a give-away for backers of the Beer-Battered Shrimp for Cognitive Ruminations book (Jaleta Clegg). It includes the eye image by David Leverton and six of the nine poems: Gorgon Death, Statuary, New Birth, Deadly Eye, Deadly Gaze, and The Lady in Her Lair.

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