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The first eight incarnations of The Doctor, as used for Atlantean Publishing storytelling.
l-r: (top) the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Doctors;
(bottom) the 4th, 7th, 8th, 6th and 5th

The Doctor is the iconic central character in Doctor Who, the classic BBC science-fiction drama that ran from 1963 to 1989 before cancellation and a long hiatus, eventually returning to television regularly since 2005; he also stars in its many and various spin-offs throughout the print, visual and audio media.

He is a Time Lord, a native of the planet Gallifrey, of immense knowledge and hidden power, who can live for untold centuries by repeatedly changing his worn-out body into a new 'regeneration' with a different face (the series has seen 11 Doctors in its near-50 year history) – but is an exile who spends his lives travelling through time and space in a battered and outmoded Type 40 TARDIS, fighting evil, righting wrongs, eating Jelly Babies and generally being an all-round good guy. 'The Doctor' is the only name he ever proffers – "Doctor Who" is merely the title of the programme.

As seen in the First Doctor's era, his granddaughter (whatever that term might mean in this context; his family history is never elucidated onscreen and claims in the novels are of doubtful canonicity) is Susan Foreman.


The Doctor makes an appearance in numerous prose fiction stories from Atlantean Publishing, in each of the first eight of his different incarnations – that is, every version from the pre-2005 era. Many of these stories appeared in issues of Monomyth, while others were in the dedicated Doctor Who fan-fiction volumes A Universal Tapestry and Out Of The Vortex. The stories featuring him include:

See also Atlantean's Doctor Who Continuity timeline, for an idea of how this sequence fits together 'chronologically' around the TV series' broadcast adventures plus a few published in other media.

An 'Uncle Foreman' is mentioned as a relative of John D. Cohen-McDaid in The Shudder Out Of Time.

Elsewhere in Atlantean publications[]

The Doctor is also analysed in the Monomyth 15 article All Teeth And Curls (discussing his fourth incarnation, alongside the story Lazy Afternoon, above), and its sequel Monomyth 16 article Time's Champion? (discussing his seventh incarnation, alongside the story Tranquility), all written by Richard Burman. By definition he is the subject of much of The Monomyth Supplement 10, which was largely dedicated to celebrating the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who. He also appears (in his 4th body with K9 and in his 6th body, unconscious!) in  Monomirth cartoons.