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Xothic Sathlattae 01

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The First Sathlatta is the first in the Xothic Sathlattae series and was published in May 2013. It consists of fifteen poems by Phillip A. Ellis comprising the Arkham Monologues. The cover art is by AC Evans.


The sequence of poetic monologues, of two stanzas each, narrate the secret sins and vices of different inhabitants of Arkham, Massachusetts. They concentrate as much upon the horror of human depravity as they do the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos and contain some quite disturbing hints at what goes on beneath the seemingly genteel surface of this small New England town...

The fifteen Arkham Monologues are for:

  • Welcome To Arkham
  • Elementary School Teacher, Joe Shea
  • Richard Marten, Arkham Historical Society
  • Jonah Martensen, Arkham Gardener
  • Legal Receptionist, Lilith De Leon
  • Children's Librarian, Linda Lovecraft
  • Danforth Gardener, Publisher
  • Martin Van Whipple, Landlord
  • Howard Cole, Plumber
  • Mercy Kirk, Organist
  • Prudence Mather, Bookstore Clerk
  • Tim Underwood, Taxidermist
  • Garnet Moyle, Male Prostitute
  • Robert Dexter, Fire Warden
  • Ward Philips, Poet
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