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Story by DJ Tyrer, part of The Nth Season arc of Doctor Who stories. Published in Monomyth 2.12, with an accompanying illustration by the author.


Gypsy has been hired to retrieve something from within the Grange – proving to be the Doctor, trapped in a safe! The Grange is the home of Captain Merriweather, who has been replaced by a Rutan as part of a plot to create humanoid clones for their war against the Sontarans. The story ends with Gypsy being invited to join the Doctor, and heading for the French Riviera.

The Grange is not far from Sowich, where the related events of "Don't Go Into The Marsh!" occur.


The story is accompanied by an illustration of the safe by the author.


  • Gypsy compares the TARDIS to the telephone booth in Bill and Ted.
  • At one point, Gypsy sings a brief spoof of the song Mulder and Scully (itself already spoofed earlier in Monomyth). The song was, of course, inspired by the eponymous X-Files characters – who appeared themselves in a previous Doctor Who serial in Monomyth, Doctor X.
  • This opening instalment preceded the rest of The Nth Season by what turned out to be 2 ½ years, owing to the magazine entering a rather long hiatus following the publication of the issue it appeared in.