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Amoral Detective Agency story by DJ Tyrer. After their success in The Llanbadarn Caper, the detectives are hired to investigate the curious sightings of Cwn Cyrff at the village of Llanymeirw. Published in Monomyth 52.


  • This story runs parallel (in another dimension) to the events of the story Of Plots And Conspiracies with the detectives taking the place of Ken Longman and his cohorts. Laxt is featured and there is an alternative version of Cassandra Leighton. There are several in-jokes such as the appearance of the mysterious Dentist and a momentary sighting of Ken's VW Beetle with a sheep-shaped dent in it identical to that in Mary's Lexus...
  • The title is a reference to the song Hounds of Love.
  • The dimensional breakdown occurring here may have a bearing on certain other events (the reference to 'collapsing cosmoses' refers to a round-robin story that HP Lovecraft was involved with).
  • DS Davidson has a brief cameo, although they have forgotten all about him by the time they meet him again in The Shudder Out Of Time.