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The King In Yellow cover

The King In Yellow anthology is, as the name suggests, a collection of stories and poetry inspired by the late-Victorian horror/mystery classic The King In Yellow by Robert W. Chambers, plus other aspects of the extended Hastur Mythos. Tackling the King in all his forms, it is A4 in format and spans 51 pages, and includes stories by Call of Cthulhu contributors John Goodrich and David Conyers. Published in 2007, it was edited by DJ Tyrer.

It is no longer available to order as it has been superceded by A Terrible Thing, which reproduces most of the prose content.

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  • Ivy-Covered Horror by Matt Sanborn
  • Thorn Within by Stefano Magliocco
  • News by DJ Tyrer
  • Rest of Your Life by Neal Wilgus
  • Yellow Vignettes (Yellow Death, Yellow Peril & Yellow Art) by DS Davidson
  • The Colour of Art by Dirk Holland
  • Not On The Recommended Reading List by DJ Tyrer
  • In Carcosa, The King by Gary Vehar
  • Dreams of the King by DS Davidson
  • The Streets of Alar by DJ Tyrer
  • The Prophets' Paradise by Robert W. Chambers
  • Dreams of the Yellow King by Dirk Holland
  • A Fragment by DJ Tyrer
  • Fantastic Worlds by Cardinal Cox
  • A Moon Over Carcosa by DJ Tyrer
  • Sire by John Goodrich
  • Easy Come, Easy Go by Steve Sneyd
  • The Unmasking by Alex Kreitner
  • Coming Home by DJ Tyrer
  • The Swelling (with illustration) by David Conyers


  • Dark Star by DJ Tyrer
  • The Last King Is Come by DJ Tyrer
  • The Yellow Sign by Cardinal Cox
  • Have You Seen The Yellow Sign by DJ Tyrer
  • Chambersworld by Steve Sneyd
  • Carcosa Rising by Cardinal Cox
  • Nomansland by Neal Wilgus
  • It Is A Terrible Thing To Fall Into The Hands Of The Living God by DS Davidson
  • Words of the Yellow King by DS Davidson
  • Sins of the City by DJ Tyrer
  • The King In Tatters by DS Davidson
  • The Things That Flap Above by DJ Tyrer
  • Untitled Poem by Lin Carter



  • DJ Tyrer discusses the Mythos in his editorial
  • An article on the Mythos by Simon Brake
  • Play Fragments

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