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Darkly humorous Doctor Who story by DS Davidson. Published in Monomyth 17 and (slightly amended) in Loose Threads.


The 7th Doctor and Ace head for the planet T'Chilo-7 after picking up a Time Lord distress beacon belonging to the Doctor's grandaughter, Susan. Arriving on the world, they discover that Susan is about to be sacrified by a mysterious woman and the obese, rat-like T'Chiloni. Trying to scare the natives off, Ace throws a cannister of Nitro-9, causing the ceiling to collapse. Thinking the Doctor is dead, Ace attacks the woman.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Susan encounter the T'Chiloni's god - the Kandyman! He explains that he'd been sold as scrap to the Chronati Traders, but that their ship crashed on this world. He was repaied by the soul survivor and repaid him with a "swift and merciful death" - after which he set himself up as a god over the natives.

Struggling with Ace, in a rather surprising manner, the woman reveals that she is Lucia the Drikhynite and takes her form before stabbing her! The Kandyman, meanwhile, prepares to transform the Doctor and Susan into strawberry truffle...


  • Susan, having been abandoned on Earth by the Doctor, has joined the Terran Explorer Corps to discover new worlds.
  • The Kandyman and a Drikhynite in Ace's form who might be Lucia both reappear in Gypsy Through The Looking Glass... it is unclear if the Kandyman here is a creation of the Land of Fiction or has been repaired by the Drikhynites for some purpose.
  • Once Under Seven Moons... states that this adventure occurs just before Emperor's Pawn. See also Doctor Who Continuity.
  • Lucia is a major character in the Mirror Quartet, where she encounters another Susan.