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Story by DJ Tyrer. Tim Smith, taking some time off from working with Ken Longman, heads for Bodmin Moor in search of an Alien Big Cat, but instead ends up investigating stories of Pixies, only to leave without anything, save some bruises. Published in Awen 80.


  • The reference to 'rural Devon' (rather than 'rural Cornwall') is accurate as Tim had stopped en route to Bodmin Moor, which lies just over the border in Cornwall (although it could be taken in tandem with his confusion of Leprechauns and Pixies as indicative of his general lack of knowledge about folklore rather than the occult).
  • Tim thinks it is unlikely he will encounter a demon such as Quachil Uttaus, the more usual focus of his occult interests.
  • How does the barman know what befell the huntsman in the folktale he recounts? Students of folklore will know it isn't unusual to encounter these sorts of ostensibly unknowable elements (The Goonies lampshades just such a tale). It is indicative of Tim's slapdash - even credulous - approach to investigations, in comparison to Ken's, that he doesn't question the veracity of the story.