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The Prospectus was a 'zine edited by Atlantean Publishing's DJ Tyrer when he was teaching creative writing at Southend Adult Education College, offering a chance for students to showcase their work. An issue was published at the end of every semester, with students encouraged to work towards producing work suitable for inclusion.

Four issues were produced:

  • The (First) Prospectus (2002/03)
  • The Second Prospectus (2003)
  • The Third Prospectus (2003/4)
  • The (Fourth) Prospectus (2004)


  • The title derives from the college prospectus.
  • The Prospectus was modelled on Awen, another link — besides its editor — that leads to its inclusion on this wiki, though as a related publication rather than an Atlantean release proper.
  • Although aimed primarily at an audience comprising students, staff and their families, some issues were sent out into the wider world of the small presses to increase exposure for fledgling writers.