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Fan fiction by DS Davidson published in Monomyth 35, and something of a prequel to the same author's For Want of Spironium...., with which it shares its two central characters.

Set upon the Caribbean high seas c.1800, and taking place (in-universe) not long before the beginning of the Doctor Who television series, it features the 1st Doctor and his granddaughter Susan. Landing their TARDIS aboard His Britannic Majesty's frigate Resplendent, they immediately run into trouble with the captain and find themselves thrown in the brig, before swiftly encountering the vessel of the title and its crew of pirates – and must survive life at sea with their new shipmates, mutiny, and the Royal Navy's retribution..

The story ends with the Doctor and Susan noting that they need to make a stop soon to replenish their TARDIS's low supplies of Spironium, leading into For Want of Spironium....


The tale was originally penned for the aborted publication, A Universal Tapestry: Loose Threads, five years after its 'sequel' had appeared in the original A Universal Tapestry.