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The Shadow Stalkers was a serial by DJ Tyrer in Monomyth, running from the first issue until the first Yearbook (eleven instalments). It is also the name of the group that the series was about, a mercenary team working for a futuristic British government. The series was complemented by 'Fact Files' that detailed the characters and their equipment.


The serial was broken down into five consecutive individual stories:

  • The Shadow Stalkers — an otherwise untitled introduction to the squad.
  • The Shadow Stalkers Vs The Red Legion — a two-part adventure in which the squad were sent against a Communist terror cell.
  • The Shadow Stalkers Vs The Devil's Hunt — a two-part adventure in which they were sent against a criminal band.
  • The Shadow Stalkers: The Terror In The Sewers — a two-part adventure in which they investigated strange disappearances in the sewers below London.
  • Conspiracy — a four-part adventure in which the Stalkers discover that the government has been manipulating them all along and face the return of the Devil's Hunt in an explosive conclusion.

Related Fiction[]

The serial Electric Legacy is set in the same world as The Shadow Stalkers serial.


Part two of their adventure against The Devil's Hunt saw the title misprinted as The Shadowstalkers (one word).


(to come)


The 'Shadow Stalkers' themselves were primarily based upon Dragon's Claws, whilst The Devil's Hunt drew upon their rivals The Evil Dead. The world in which the stories were set was strongly influenced by that of Shadowrun with a return of magic and monsters. It is thus a derivative and unpolished early work, but one that received positive comment and evokes fond memories for its creator.