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Xothic Sathlattae 06

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The Sixth Sathlatta, by DS Davidson, is the sixth instalment of the Xothic Sathlattae series and was published in January 2014 with cover art by Christopher Catt James.


  • The Edge Cycle
    • Edge of Consciousness
    • Veiled, Justly
    • Hidden Consciousness
    • On The Edge
    • Beyond The Edge
  • The Nameless Mist
  • Chilling Couplets
  • Cairn of the Old Ones
  • Dreams In The Witch House
  • Dark Side of the Moon
  • Scream of Terror
  • Beneath The Sands


  • The cover art bears a very notable resemblance to the same artist's design that graced Bard 83 in 2010!
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