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The Supplement is one of the five 'zines published by Atlantean Publishing. It contains small-press news and advertisements, reviews covering new publications from small presses, independent and mainstream books, films and much more beside, and various articles on an equally wide variety of topics — as well as the occasional poem or very short piece of fiction, often related to the non-fiction content. This is also where all the Letters to the Editor received at Atlantean appear: the numerous messages of comment, thanks and points of debate received ensure a lively discussion goes on from issue to issue on the letters pages.

The Supplement is a quarterly, A4 publication and is usually ten pages in length. It is edited by DJ Tyrer. It was originally known as The Monomyth Supplement (see that page for a little more on its origins), conceived initially as a temporary stopgap during Monomyth's lengthy 2000-'03 hiatus. Despite this, it has flourished ever since and amassed nearly seventy issues, overtaking its parent title, and reached its own ten-year anniversary in late 2012. It has also spawned its own occasional online supplement, in the form of Review Supplemental.

Issues since 77 are available to download in pdf.

"Highly informative" – review of issue 59 in Krax


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