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The sixty-ninth issue of The Supplement was released in March 2014. It featured several pieces concerning continental Europe, and was considerably heavier on poetry than the average issue.


  • Editorial by DJ Tyrer
  • Naples Diary by Paul Murphy
  • Letters To The Editor
  • Review by Andrew Darlington
  • Dream Quest Of The Unknown Barsoom (poem) by Neal Wilgus
  • Someone Died For Me (poem) by Alastair Harrison
  • The Survivor (poem) by András Mezel (translated from the Hungarian and edited by Thomas Ország-Land)
  • Reviews by DJ Tyrer
  • Reviews by Neal Wilgus
  • The Holocaust & Reconciliation: Poetry May Salve The Wounds That Have Refused To Heal — an interview with Thomas Land by David Cuscó I Escudero; including:
    • Caution (poem) by Thomas Land
    • The Name (poem) by Thomas Land
  • The Avant Garde of Fin de Siècle Paris: Signac, Bonnard, Redon and their contemporaries, at the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art, Venice — review by Paul Murphy
  • Child Of Life (poem, plus commentary) by Jon Harvey