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The Tombs Of Aghakhorr cover

The cover of The Tombs of Aghakhorr All cover images are CC-BY-NC-ND

The Tombs of Aghakhorr: A Monomyth Supplement was a free one-off 'extra' publication from Atlantean, released in mid-2000. It is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure'-style interactive fiction covering 13 A4 pages, produced (written, edited and cover illustrated) by DJ Tyrer. It appeared, in tandem with the introductory 'Issue Zero' of roleplaying fanzine Green Goblin Games Gazette, bound at the back of volume 2.12 of Monomyth.

Heavily influenced by the likes of classic Fighting Fantasy roleplaying gamebooks, the second-person narrative sees the reader take on the guise of an heroic adventurer, who makes their living from "plundering tombs and dungeons of their treasures and slaying their monstrous guardians". Typical of the format is the way the player must attempt to steer their character safely through the story, dodging or beating its various traps and monsters, by choosing different paths through the volume: the text consists of 57 numbered, discrete sections, most of which allow the reader to continue onto two or more possible following sections. Their choices – or luck, where selections are determined via roll of the dice – dictate whether the adventurer's expedition ends in success or failure each time. The latter could be from a variety of unpleasant character deaths, while the former could be achieved by reaching any of three different end-sections – which do not necessarily involve achieving the ultimate goal of recovering the "legendary hoard of Aghakhorr itself", although this could be found via at least five different routes!