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Thomas Ország-Land (b. 1938) is a poet and award-winning foreign correspondent who writes from London and his native Budapest. He survived the Holocaust as a Jewish child hiding from both the Nazis and the Allied bombers. He took part in the 1956 Hungarian revolution against Soviet rule as a journalist on the staff of A Magyar Függetlenség. He later read philosophy at Acadia University in Nova Scotia and trained on United Press International in Montreal and The Times and The Financial Times of London. His poetry has been published by The London Magazine and The New York Times, his reviews and polemics by Poetry Review and The Times Literary Supplement.

His books include eight collections of poetry in many editions, including English translations from the Hungarian of work by several little known, major Holocaust poets, most recently Survivors: Hungarian Jewish Poets of the Holocaust — several of which pieces have appeared in Atlantean Publishing's pages, along with numerous original Land works.

Recent appearances in Atlantean Publications[]


Monomyth 40[]

  • The Seventh Eclogue by Miklos Radnoti (poem translated by Thomas Land)

The Supplement[]

The Supplement 69[]

  • The Survivor (poem) by András Mezel (translated from the Hungarian and edited by Thomas Land)
  • The Holocaust & Reconciliation: Poetry May Salve The Wounds That Have Refused To Heal — an interview with Thomas Land, including:
    • Caution (poem)
    • The Name (poem)

The Supplement 66[]

  • Poetry of Survival: How Some Holocaust Children Learned To Conquer Death (article), including:
    • Ghetto Game (poem)
    • Games In The Cellar by Gyorgy Timar (poem translated by Thomas Land)


Bard 132[]

Bard 130[]

Bard 127[]

  • Like A River (poem)