• Hi there – just about to go and make dinner, but noticed you're back on so thought I'd throw this at you as it's been bugging me for ages...

    Given that I'm fairly sure you've spelt out you prefer "DJ" to "David" (as opposed to "David-John"), I keep thinking this contradicts that: "For the first ten issues, DJ Tyrer was credited as David Tyrer, changing to DJ in the first Yearbook, as even the Editor-in-Chief had trouble overriding popular opinion as to what his name should be!" – because, it sounds as though you bowed to popular opinion that it should be DJ and not David!?!

    But – is it actually saying, effectively: "He was fed up of being credited as David, as he'd prefer David-John, but found this being overridden even in his own publication – so changed it to DJ thereafter so it couldn't be shortened against his wishes...??

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