• Heh, no, just the one message! Will have a look at The Long Road Home pages and see what I can do – may just have to create a two-column invisible table to fill the page, much as I did on the Doctor Who page, as don't think there's a way of just 'columnising' the whole page per se.

    Had vaguely looked at the thing about the layout changes a while ago when it first got flagged up, and was a little worried, but decided to look at it more properly only nearer the time. Having had a look just now, I don't think there's anything to concern us; in practical terms, the only thing that will change is that there'll be an extra 10 pixels in useable width to play with in the wiki's content space. This means text lines will break differently here and there, and probably throw a few carefully-arranged sentences out of whack compared with how they're currently composed, but I don't think it'll cause any major problems – certainly there are a few pages where tables and so on are sized almost to the last pixel to fit in the existing width (the table of Monomyth issues and covers springs to mind), but since we're gaining space it'll be fine; if we were losing 10 pixels there might be an awkward moment or three!

    Just add ?wikiagrid=1&wikiafullheader=1 to the browser address bar after a page URL (e.g. for the main page) to see the 'difference'. Since we don't have a background image it makes no odds there either, though I think the Yellow Site will need a new image by the look of it. Re: the navigation bar; fear not, there's no difference either, since the Extended Wiki Navigation – which is now becoming standard – is what I enabled and customised early in this wiki's life, i.e. the red navigation bar, when it first became available as a sort of beta-test option. It's only those wikis that haven't adopted it yet that will have to adjust come October 3rd. My, aren't we ahead of the curve?!

    By the way, did you notice you've made precisely 2,222 edits to the wiki, according to the top of this very page...?  :)

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    • Noticed that numerical milestone! Just taken a look at LRH pages - look great, thanks!

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