• Velvet Android wrote:
    Hi DJ, you may notice I've been uploading issue pages for all the The Bards I can lay my hands on – but the one thing I can't do off my own bat is include their publication dates. Can you either fill them all in, or furnish me with a list please so I can add them? Thanks :)

    ^  Heh, was just about to write to you on this subject, but took a quick look and found I've been over this ground before, in March last year apparently — but the long gap since without any new The Bards had made me forget the subject was ongoing until I looked at The Bards 29 just now: that is, all the issues up to and including that one still have "released in (xx)" placeholders. Do you think you could dig out their release dates for me at some point please? I'll do the donkey work of uploading them to the wiki  :)

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    • Will try and get the file out this afternoon and see what I can find.

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    • After what you reported back, looks like I'll have to get the old Supplements out and get cross-referencing the adverts, then! Never mind, should be fun in its own way, a bit of a challenge  :)

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    • Good job, too, of this'd be a nightmare!

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