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Doctor Who story by DJ Tyrer. Published in Monomyth 17.


The 5th Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric arrive on the planet Atrose. The Doctor sends Adric and Tegan in one direction, whilst he takes Nyssa the opposite way, hitching a lift to the capital city, Amalthos. There, he takes Nyssa to an eaterie for a surprise birthday party. The Doctor is just about to take a little, blue-satin box from his pocket when his city comes under attack from a Dalek saucer! Although the day is saved, he doesn't get to present that last gift before they are reunited with Adric and Tegan, tossing it away; it is ground into the dirt by a passing cart.


  • Amongst the presents the Doctor gives to Nyssa are customised versions of a certain Guide and the Encyclopedia Galactica.
  • The little, blue-satin box is briefly seen at the beginning of Memories.
  • A Tersurian chef works at the eaterie and they are served Tersurian Fudgecake and Tersurian Blue Wine.
  • The cricketing allusion of the title refers to the Doctor's sporting passion, as well as his intentions.