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Doctor Who story by Christopher Joseph, set on the titular planet, in which the 3rd Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith help save an alien regime under threat from an evil usurper. Published in A Universal Tapestry.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane, acting as ambassadors for the Time Lords at a grand ceremonial inauguration, of the first President of a world previously ruled by Crown Princes, are swiftly made aware that something is rotten in the state of Traekynos. There are 'terrorists' supporting the monarchy at loose, but when the Doctor falls in with a group of monarchists who explain their cause, he learns that President Kleeshae's ascent to power was not at all legitimate. Sarah Jane, meanwhile, uncovers a secret that may be crucial to the whole affair. Together they must rescue the deposed, imprisoned Crown Prince, prove their evidence and confront the usurper.


  • While not overtly comical as a whole, there are humorous elements smuggled into the story throughout, such as the antagonist's name being Kleeshae (and he does indeed exhibit rather stereotypical behaviour patterns), plus another alien called Aelion, and an attempted jailbreak that owes much inspiration to the physical methods of Asterix and Obelix.
  • The capital city where most of the events take place is named Aeron, after a hall of residence on the Llanbadarn campus of Aberystwyth University.
  • This is probably the only story on this wiki in which a global half-holiday is declared!