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Story by DJ Tyrer. Second instalment in The Nth Season, immediately following-on from the end of The Grange. Published in Monomyth 3.1.


The Doctor takes Gypsy to the French Riviera in the 1920s to visit The Sound of the Sea Cafe in Aix-le-Mor. However, upon attempting to leave the seaside resort, something interferes with the TARDIS' connection to The Eye of Harmony, causing it to crashland, knocking Gypsy out. Awakening, she finds herself in a bedroom above the cafe and the Doctor missing. Setting out in search of him, she discovers that he has fallen prey to the mundane menace of smugglers and must intervene to save him.

The adventure is followed by eight peaceful months of travel, the only blight being several more incidents of power fluctuation, which convinces the Doctor to visit an old friend...


  • The story is accompanied by an illustration of a Who-ish teapot and tea cups, drawn by the author.


  • The title derives from the song Tea For Two, which the Doctor whistles a little of. It would date the story to around 1925 or a little later.
  • Tea For Two is again mentioned in the poem Charlie 'Bird' Parker & Art Tatum in the following issue of Monomyth.
  • The (fictional) town of Aix-le-Mor is stated to have been founded in Roman times and to survive until the Dalek invasion of Earth, when it will be destroyed. The name (which should probably be les) would imply a site of springs either associated with death or with Moors.