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Two States

Two States is a multi-author A5 poetry booklet inspired by war and terrorism, published in 2007.

Available to order.

Cover montage by DJ Tyrer.

The same theme also inspired a previous collection, War Is A Dangerous Place.

All cover images are CC-BY-NC-ND


  • The Ballad Of Reading News by Steve Walker
  • Suicide Bomber by John Light
  • Kill, Kill, Kill by DJ Tyrer
  • Distant Trumpets by John Light
  • Alphabet Army by Donna Salisbury
  • Haditha (humanity) by Jan Oskar Hansen
  • Initial Thrust by Dave Wright
  • So-called War by DJ Weston
  • Do Not Collect Two Hundred by Joe Miller
  • A Pure Coincidence Of Dates by Steve Sneyd
  • Same Highway by DS Davidson
  • The Bombs by Zekria Ibrahimi
  • Mirror Wars by Nick Armbrister
  • Gaza Strip by DJ Tyrer
  • One Day by DJ Weston
  • Range by Adam Colclough
  • Oblivion In The Sun by Blair H. Allen
  • Dark Harvest by John Light
  • Burning Bush by DJ Weston
  • Two States by DJ Tyrer
  • Moratorium by Kyle Ferguson
  • The Madness of a Vicious Circle by DJ Tyrer
  • Beautiful Victims – Guantanamo Bay, 2006 by Audrey Marshall May
  • Cry Babylon by Cardinal Cox
  • In The Half-Sleep Of Reason by Steve Sneyd
  • Refugee by Gordon Scapens
  • Loony Crusade by DJ Weston
  • The Allies by Jan Oskar Hansen
  • Iraqi Child by Simon Birch
  • 2x untitled haiku by Jan Oskar Hansen
  • Elegy by Kyle Ferguson
  • War On Terror by DS Davidson
  • Mad Gods by John Light
  • Unwinnable by DJ Weston
  • Travelling North by Margaret Boles
  • Glitch by Jane Royle
  • In The Name Of Love by DJ Tyrer
  • Mission Accomplished by Jan Oskar Hansen
  • Marcus Aurelius by Christopher Brewer
  • British Soldier (Iraq 2007) by Colin Jeffery
  • Nothing More by Simon Birch


  • DJ Tyrer's titular poem Two States was inspired by, and is accompanied by a quotation from, AC Evans's prose-poem of the same name, which was published in the preceding Atlantean collection about war and terrorism, War Is A Dangerous Place.