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The Atlantean Publishing wiki exists to bring together information on the past, present and future of the press. As well as highlighting Atlantean's current activities, it gives information about the back catalogue — and also on upcoming projects and how writers, artists etc. can contribute to these.

What's here?[]

This site aims to eventually catalogue information on the contents of everything the press has produced, with the idea that an interested reader — or the writers and artists themselves — can find out exactly what stories, poems, articles, artworks and so on have been published, by whom, in which publications and when, going all the way back to 1996. You can find entries here for publications (past and present), content (stories, poems, etc.) and contributors. You can also find calls for submissions, writers' and artists' guidelines and such like.

General Rules[]

As with all wikis, there are some general rules that should be adhered to. Some additional clarifications relevant to this wiki are added in italics.

  • Keep it civil: Do not make personal attacks on other people. If you need to criticize another user’s argument, do so without attacking them as a person. Do not use bigoted language, including slurs which degrade another person or group of people based on gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc. Remember, this wiki is about Atlantean Publishing, related presses, its editors and contributors, and their work - so please keep additions relevant and respectful.
  • Be a productive member of the wiki: Contribute to the wiki in line with the established processes and conventions. Need help? Ask an administrator! Disrupting the wiki with “edit warring” over differing opinions of a topic with another user or group of users is not productive. Certain pages are locked for administrators only as they involve things like contact details for the press and calls for submissions. Hopefully, there will be no need to lock any other pages for other reasons. Otherwise, all pages are open to editing and editing is encouraged - the admins don't have time to add every page for every story, poem, issue or contributor, so if you want to add or expand a page, please do. In particular, if you are a contributor to the press, please do add and update your author page. Just be mindful of wikia policies when adding copyright work to a page - posting entire stories or poems or pieces of artwork may not be appreciated by their creator.
  • Do not engage in excessive self-promotion: The wiki is a collaborative community resource for the topic at hand. It is NOT a free place to advertise your related website, YouTube channel, blog, social media account, etc. Have a question about whether your link would be welcome? Ask an administrator! You may freely add links to relevant websites on a contributor's page, but keep the self-promotion to those unless specifically related to another page (for example, if a story has been republished elsewhere, it is fine to provide a link, but do not repeatedly add a general website link to every page detailing work by an author, keep it to their actual author page). Likewise, there is a page for links, so only add links for things such as other small presses there unless, for example, the editor has an author page.
  • Do not harass other users: If somebody asks you to stop posting certain content on their wall, respect their wishes. It is their wall.
  • Do follow community guidelines for formatting: When a community has established formatting, it’s important to adhere to that, especially when spoiler content is involved. More below. It really is appreciated if you can try and keep pages consistent!

As long as you don't harass or abuse anyone, keep it civil, and don't spam or vandalise the site, you won't be blocked.

Site Specific Information[]

Categories' and menus to help get around[]

All pages belong to one or more 'categories', visible in the Categories section at the bottom of each page. You can use these to find related pages — for example, all stories for which there are presently pages will be in the Stories category, so, should you wish to see a list of other stories, all you need to do is click on this Category link. There is a hierarchy in which categories also belong to larger categories, so you can widen your search yet further. Some you might find particularly useful or interesting are:

  • Content — the master list for published material.
  • Contributors — people who have contributed to publications.
  • Publications — the master list for all our publications.
  • Terms — entries explaining various terms you will encounter on the wiki.
  • Trivia — those tantalising and illuminating tidbits that are scattered across the wiki.

You can also use the red/gold dropdown menu links at the top of each page to connect to commonly visited pages, while the 'core' information pages (such as those on submitting material, what's available, and this very page) are arranged in their own helpful subgroups, with menus on each such page linking to related ones.

'Trivia' on this site[]

There are numerous entries — either pages of their own, or more commonly on existing pages — for trivia scattered around the site, intended mainly to entertain the reader. These include things such as anniversaries, obscure publication details, characters and locations that have appeared in stories, locations associated with the press, and other miscellany.

Don't forget the links[]

Most pages include in-text blue links to other pages. Use these to find related information. For example, a story's entry will include links to its author page and the issue in which it was published. We realise that there are still a great number of 'redlinks' on this site at present, but hope over the coming months and years to gradually fill out the missing sections to create a wholly interlinked resource — this is a vast task, though, given the press had 15 years of history before this site was inaugurated, and it's a not-insubstantial job just to keep up with cataloguing the new releases let alone the scores of old titles! So it's going to take a while...

Adding to this wiki[]

Please bear in mind the above notes on this site's structure when contributing to the wiki, too.

Using information from this wiki[]

Most information on this site can be used freely, where relevant, as per general Wikia terms and fair use rules. Extracts or examples of poetry and prose (fiction or non-fiction) remain copyrighted and their use elsewhere must be reasonable (such as for review purposes). Pictures of a general illustrative nature may be used elsewhere as per the Wikia terms. Actual artwork shown on the site remains copyrighted and should only be used elsewhere for a good reason (such as for review purposes or using the cover to illustrate an article about the issue or tis contents or an article about small press publications). These will be marked as CC-BY-NC-ND.

As you will see on certain pages, there are cases of the same character or fictional location being used by more than one author, and it may be that you are inspired to make use of them yourself in your fiction, poetry or art. In general, there is no objection to this, if you fulfill the following criteria:

  • Such use should be referential in nature or very brief (for instance, you could make a passing reference to Ken Longman or have him appear for a couple of lines of dialogue, but making him a primary character or even a major secondary character would require explicit permission).
  • Such use should be respectful and appropriate — especially if you are referencing a real, live contributor. Obviously, there is some leeway for satirical purposes here, but using someone's creation in a way that they might find offensive is a bad idea.
  • Where possible the use should be noted on this wiki — even if the publication is elsewhere — and, if possible, the creator informed (a copy of the story would be nice, if possible).
  • No such use of previously-created properties can ever be construed as undermining the rights of the creator. Likewise, their use cannot be construed as undermining the rights of the author of the piece in which they are referenced (including the right to refuse any sort of derivative work beyond 'fair use'). Such references exist as a bit of fun only.
  • Only stories by the creator, or so-designated by the creator, are in any sense 'official'.

If in any doubt regarding any of the above, please feel free to contact Atlantean via our details on the main page.