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War Is A Dangerous Place

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War Is A Dangerous Place is a multi-author A5 poetry booklet inspired by the War on Terror, published in 2005.

Available to order.

Cover art: The Mouth Of Darkness by AC Evans.

The same theme later inspired a sequel collection, Two States.


  • Terrorist by Gordon Scapens
  • War On Terror by DS Davidson
  • War On Terror by DJ Tyrer
  • Dead On Time by DS Davidson
  • Collaborators by Jan Oskar Hansen
  • Attack Helicopter by Nick Armbrister
  • The Military Route by DJ Tyrer
  • The Death of Heroes by Vincent Berquez
  • A Lesson Still Not Learned by DS Davidson
  • The Army by Jan Oskar Hansen
  • Full Circle Blues by DS Davidson
  • Casualties of War by Esther Chilton
  • Foreign Horrors by Eric Ferris
  • The KKK Hits Iraq by Zekria Ibrahimi
  • The Traffic Lights In Baghdad by Joe Miller
  • Goat For The Tigers by Cardinal Cox
  • Massacre At Kunduz by Zekria Ibrahimi
  • A Goatly Prophecy by Bill West
  • 8x untitled haiku by Steve Sneyd
  • Listening To JS Bach On My Walkman by Angela Morkos
  • Conspiracy Theory by DS Davidson
  • The War Is Coming Your Way by Jan Oskar Hansen
  • Good Old-Fashioned Hate by Gordon Scapens
  • The B-52 – Icon Of Evil by Zekria Ibrahimi
  • Sacrificial Lambs by Jan Oskar Hansen
  • Not So Easy Now (The War On Terror Hits Home) by DJ Tyrer
  • Void by Nick Armbrister
  • On Payday Night by Steve Sneyd
  • The Fire Service by Jan Oskar Hansen
  • Does Anyone Have Any Idea What Is Really Going On? by Joe Miller
  • Reporter Down, Sir! by Eric Ferris
  • Stop The War! by Angela Morkos
  • Terror by Kaye Axon
  • The Dollar's War by Zekria Ibrahimi
  • Two States (prose poem) by AC Evans
  • untitled prose poem by DJ Tyrer