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Doctor Who story, the opening instalment of The Romanadvoretrelundar Trilogy by DJ Tyrer. Published (with an illustration by the author) in Monomyth 4.1.

The story begins with Romana trying on a new dress and announcing that she has something to tell The Doctor. Unfortunately, the Doctor isn't too keen on the dress and is too busy to hear her news. Arriving on what proves to be a Sontaran Research Satellite, they are promptly imprisoned. Suddenly, the satellite is attacked by the Ulfynoth. An Ulfyn beats Romana, badly injuring her - a bad move on its part as she later seeks it out and teaches it a lesson in why the Time Lords are so powerful. The medi-scanner reveals that, despite her denials, something is terribly wrong...


  • Whilst imprisoned, the Doctor reads two books, simultaneously, written by James Hetford, a colleague of Ken Longman. He reads a book by Ken in the next instalment.