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Xmas Bards 1

Cover of the debut issue of Xmas Bards All cover images are CC-BY-NC-ND

The Xmas Bards is a spin-off series from The Bards, beginning in December 2011 and intended to be an annual celebration of Christmas. Like its parent title, issues are a folded A4 'broadside' sheet in format.


Issue no. Author Title Cover artist
Xmas Bards 1 DS Davidson Counting The Days... DS Davidson
Xmas Bards 2 DJ Tyrer The Knight Before Christmas Chris James
Xmas Bards 3 Helen Buckingham A Christmas Renku David Leverton
Xmas Bards 4 Aeronwy Dafies Twelve Days Chris James
Xmas Bards 5 DJ Tyrer Wooden Heart David Leverton
Xmas Bards 6 Aeronwy Dafies The Christmas Goblin DJ Tyrer
Xmas Bards 7 DJ Tyrer The Happy Snowman Chris James
Xmas Bards 8 Joyce Walker The Best Christmas Ever Chris James
Xmas Bards 9 DJ Tyrer An Imp For Christmas Chris James
Xmas Bards 10 DJ Tyrer A Covid Christmas DJ Tyrer
Xmas Bards 11 Mervyn Linford A Word About Snow Chris James
Xmas Bards 12 Aeronwy Dafies A Hatful of Christmas Chris James
Xmas Bards 13 Neil K. Henderson Smells Like Plastic Santas DJ Tyrer

Covers gallery

See also the Xmas Bards Covers Gallery for a side-by-side view of the illustrations to have graced the front of Xmas Bards so far, which can be clicked-through to their individual issues.

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