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Xothic Sathlattae is a broadside series, beginning in May 2013, resulting from the success of the Yellow Mythos-influenced Yellow Leaves and an interest shown by poets in working with the broader Cthulhu Mythos; hence this sister series is now available and open to submissions.

Covers gallery[]

The cover designs for all the issues of Xothic Sathlattae thus far can be seen together at the Xothic Sathlattae Covers Gallery, from where they link through to their individual issues.


Sathlatta Author Title Cover artist
First Phillip A. Ellis Arkham Monologues AC Evans
Second Frederick J. Mayer AC Evans
Third Cardinal Cox Codex Yr'm Christopher Catt James
Fourth Don Webb It All Comes Down To This AC Evans
Fifth Neal Wilgus Christopher Catt James
Sixth DS Davidson Christopher Catt James
Seventh Phillip A. Ellis 'Four Ballades on the Crawling Chaos' David Leverton
Eighth Cardinal Cox Codex Atlantis John Jones
Ninth Neal Wilgus Quest-Dream Alan Hunter
Tenth DJ Tyrer Chaugnar Faugn DJ Tyrer
Eleventh DS Davidson DJ Tyrer
Twelfth DJ Tyrer Memories of Mnar Christopher Catt James

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