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The second Yearbook, now known as Monomyth 22

In the early days of Monomyth it was envisaged that each calendar year would see the production of ten regular issues, released at monthly intervals from January to October, plus a Yearbook in December. This would wrap up the year by including a handful of retrospective pieces and reprinting some of the best of its previously published content; it would, though, also feature new material — ongoing serials, for instance, continued unabated. Despite this, the Yearbooks would be considered distinct from the regular series (in a similar manner to a comics annual, say) and so, unlike the normal issues, they went unnumbered.

Two such Yearbooks were produced. 1997's, which appeared on cue in December of that year, is notable for being the first instalment of Monomyth to contain work by contributors other than its original four founding writers. 1998's, meanwhile, did not surface until December 1999, a whole year late, owing to the problems of schedule slippage that plagued the magazine at this time — and would lead to it going on an extended break from publication, the Great Monomyth Hiatus, after just one further issue.

By the eventual resumption of output, the two Yearbooks had been reclassified as issues in their own right, which saw the renumbering of the series henceforth to create an 'absolute' count that would include them. The first Yearbook became retrospectively classed as 'Issue 11' (a.k.a. Volume 1.11) and so is listed on this wiki as Monomyth 11, whilst the second became 'Issue 22' (Volume 2.11) and is listed here as Monomyth 22. Subsequently, however, the tradition of producing an annual Yearbook has not been revived.