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Cover of the debut issue of Yellow Leaves All cover images are CC-BY-NC-ND

Yellow Leaves is a spin-off series from The Bards, beginning in January 2012, as a home for Yellow Mythos-themed poetry. Like its parent title, issues are a folded A4 broadside sheet in format.

"Worth a look" — review in Krax

"A beautifully presented pamphlet for a wonderful poet" — review in Carillon of issue 3


Issue no. Author Title Cover artist
Yellow Leaves 1 DJ Tyrer Yellow Dresses AC Evans
Yellow Leaves 2 Neal Wilgus Chris Catt James
Yellow Leaves 3 Cardinal Cox Cory Harding
Yellow Leaves 4 DS Davidson A Terrible Thing AC Evans
Yellow Leaves 5 Don Webb AC Evans
Yellow Leaves 6 Neal Wilgus Yellow Dreams AC Evans
Yellow Leaves 7 David Leverton The Summoning Bell David Leverton
Yellow Leaves 8 DJ Tyrer A Butterfly In Carcosa David Leverton/

DJ Tyrer

Yellow Leaves 9 DS Davidson Dreams of Carcosa Chris Catt James
Yellow Leaves 10 Allen Mackey The Yhtill Tablet John Light
Yellow Leaves 11 DJ Tyrer Rock Opera AC Evans

Covers gallery

The cover designs for all the issues of Yellow Leaves thus far can be seen together at the Yellow Leaves Covers Gallery, where they can be clicked-through to their individual issues.

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